Convergence x Bluedot

Convergence x Bluedot
Convergence x Bluedot 2017

Bluedot – the unique festival at Jodrell Bank Observatory,7-9 July – has revealed a co-production with Convergence and Noise of Art at this years Convergence festival. Tickets are £16 and linked here.

Taking place at the Jazz Café, Camden, 22 March, the one-off event is a celebration of the UK’s first electronic music festival – the Million Volt Light & Sound Rave – held at Camden’s famous Roundhouse 50 years ago.

Headlining are electronic pioneers Radiophonic Workshop, the legendary unit with roots in the birth of electronic soundscapes and off-world noises back in the 1950s. Responsible for creating ground-breaking soundtracks to some of BBC television and radio’s most iconic programmes like Doctor Who, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Horizon using early electronics, synthesisers and tape machines, the Workshop’s influence on popular music has been profound and enduring.

Joining Radiophonic Workshop are innovator, DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall, and White Noise, the band behind the ground-breaking 1969 LP, An Electric Storm – White Noise’s members were also present at the 1967 event. Nordic Grammy winning act Orka, will perform in collaboration with DJ Ben Osborne to complete the line-up.


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