BoomTown Fair – Chapter 9

BoomTown Fair – Chapter 9

If you venture to a festival this summer be sure to explore BoomTown Fair on the 10th – 13th August. Whilst many festivals choose a single theme to base each event around, Boomtown goes that bit further with its ever evolving chapters in the ongoing Chronicles. Over the years, the story has covered corrupt elections, alien technology, time travel, Western style showdowns and most recently, the 2016 revolution which spread across the entire event in a feat of theatrical ambition not before seen at a UK festival. Tickets available here.

The eagerly awaited release of Chapter 9: ‘Behind the Mask’ has just been unleashed in a high octane, fully theatrical trailer. The mini film recaps the successes of the ‘revolution’ and fills in the gaps of what has happened within the walls of Boomtown since Chapter 8 came to it’s conclusion. Last year saw circus ‘battles’ in Barrio Loco, a pirate showdown in Oldtown and revolutionary takeovers at main stages; The Town Centre, Sector 6 and Bang Hai Palace throughout the four day festival.

Giving a glimpse into what’s in store this year, the video introduces new characters and re-visits old faces to set up the theatrical direction for Chapter 9:

“The aim of the storyline is to hold a mirror up to a world that should be questioned, where every individual has the power to make a change and their voices heard. Using theatre, storytelling and set design to encourage exploration of ideas, we want to create a caring community where everyone can leave their worries at the city gates and enter a world of acceptance and diversity.” – Boomtown Organisers

With the story theme out of the bag, next up will be Boomtown’s major headliners release on 8th February 2017.


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