Festival hair & beauty tips

Festival hair & beauty tips

Festivals are known for amazing music, lots of drinking and having a great weekend with your friends. But there are things which every girl, and some guys, struggle with… what to do with their hair, and makeup. So here’s festival lover Jessie Bouch’s tips on what to do.


Braids/ Plaits. Every girl knows the feeling of third day hair, when your hair is crying out to be washed. At a festival your hair can go 2-5 days without seeing a droplet of water, that is… unless it rains. Plaits are an easy way to hide the grease, and keep your hair looking great. There are many different ways to plait your hair, with the most popular ways being, French plaits and fish tail plaits.



Dry Shampoo is many a girls’ saviour in regular day-to-day life, and trust me when I say, you will need it so much more at a festival. Being outside all day and night, in a variety of weather conditions can cause your hair damage. One of the damages being that it will get greasy much quicker. Make sure you pack dry shampoo in your rucksack!

Ok, so some people might say that putting flowers in your hair is following the crowd, but… who cares? You can add flowers to your hair in the form of a headband, clip or bobble. They make your look appear 10 times more festival like, and are good for hiding bits of bad behaving hair. Being out in the sun can cause damage to your hair, so having a hat on hand to help protect your hair is a must. Hats can also be used to hide your greasy hair.

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Eyelash & Eyebrow tint. Before heading off for an amazing weekend at a festival, consider what you can do to avoid unneeded hassle whilst there. Getting your eyebrows and eyelashes tinted beforehand means that there is no need to take mascara, or an eyebrow pencil with you. It also means that you can spend less time getting ready, and more time off having fun.

Glitter/ Face paint. Face paint is another festival tradition which everyone loves to participate in whilst at a festival. Neon paint and glitter are the main products which people tend to use.

Lipstick can make you appear to have a lot of makeup on, when in reality you might not, this is ideal for a festival look. It means less time applying a full face of makeup and more time partying.

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Festival must have items.

  1. Baby wipes. You might be unable to shower all weekend, so take a packet or two to keep yourself fresh.
  2. Sun tan lotion. Even if it is raining, you will be spending the whole time outside under the sun’s rays. Take precautions by applying sun tan lotion, to avoid spending the weekend sore and peeling.
  3. Hand sanitiser. You have all heard the horror stories about the toilets at festivals, and I hate to break it to you, but the majority of them are true. Taking hand sanitiser means that you can keep as hygienic as possible over the weekend.
  4. You will be sleeping in a tent all weekend, they don’t have body length mirrors inside. Take a mirror with you, and make sure that it is big enough to do your hair and makeup in.

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These tips were brought to you by Jessie Bouch – Be sure to check out her blog 


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