Macklemore & Ryan Lewis… What can we say?

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis… What can we say?

Every now and then a song jumps out at you, and an artist breaks the norm of the run of the mill sound in their genre. At this very moment bursting the seams of ordinary is Macklemore and his partner in crime Ryan Lewis. Following their big hits such as ‘Same Love’ and “Thrift Shop’, their song ‘Downtown’ bring big retro sounds and an eclectic mix of samples that lift their songs. The most dominant sound being Grandmaster Flash’s ‘The Message’ kick drum.

Bring that in with cheeky yet genius lyrics defying the predictive nature of today’s¬†rappers and a video that’s over the top with West Side Story dance battles, motorcycle chariots and even a moose-bike this nostalgic video has to be the best of 2015.

If you’re one of the very few in the country that hasn’t yet heard or seen this, check out the video below.




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