Artist of the week – The Dø

Artist of the week – The Dø

Formed in 2005 it’s hard to believe that French / Finnish indie pop band The Dø are celebrating their decade anniversary and are our artist of the week. Formed of singer & musician Olivia Merilahti and multi-instrumentalist Dan Levy, the duo, who released their 4th Album Shake Shook Shaken in 2014 have travelled a journey of sounds, the most recent having electro-pop synthetic tones which complimented Olivia’s voice and the most memorable in our minds as the more free flowing rhythms and sounds of 2011’s ‘Both Ways Open Jaws’ which featured  songs as ‘Too Insistent’ and ‘Slippery Slope’.

From a band which prides itself on experimental methods and sounds, whichever album you decide to work your way through will be of no disappointment as each and every song differs, taking you through a journey that’ll sure take you to some new undiscovered tracks.

Keep your eyes out for their festival appearances in 2016, we’ll keep you updated.


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