Artist of the week – FFS

Artist of the week – FFS

FFS – no, not what you might think these 3 letters may stand for, in fact, if you’ve not heard of the name before we’ll forgive you. It is in fact a collaboration between the big band of the noughties and an established, memorable and eccentric group 3 decades prior. Scottish based Franz Ferdinand and from the U.S. Sparks. What may seem like a strange match on paper, in sound it could not be a finer a match. Really, when we consider the ethos of the 2 bands, both create music that truly is music in the sense that they create what they believe expresses their passion.

Sparks, memorable for ‘This town ain’t big enough for the both of us’ and ‘Tryouts for the human race’ bring their classic towns of electronic keys and unique vocals which blend harmoniously with Franz Ferdinand’s guitars and staccato beats.

Our favourite 2 songs that we’re totally hooked on right now are Johnny Delusional and Police encounters, both of which sound astounding, as does the rest of the tracks on their self titled album, FFS.

And we’ll leave you with this official video of Johnny Delusion, amazingly edited and beautifully constructed, but my does it make us dizzy.



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