BoomTown Fair – Chapter 8

BoomTown Fair – Chapter 8

BoomTown Fair – The revolution starts now – Chapter 8

11th – 14th August 2016

‘A pop-up city where the impossible is possible and the abnormal is normal!’

BoomTown is one of the most enchanting independent festival’s created, where imagination comes to life. Hosting an amazing cast of actors, dramatic stages and a diverse range of music, prepare for an experience like no other.

This year there will be 9 themed districts to vibrate night and day to a soundtrack exploring everything from ska, folk, gypsy, reggae, world, punk, pirate and disco, via electro-swing, jazz, bluegrass, bass, jungle and techno.

The atmosphere is truly electrifying, an event not to be missed this summer! For the full lineups across the districts and information and to secure your tickets please click here.  Hurry though as Tier 1 & 2 tickets already Sold Out! Tier 3: £170 (+BF & EcoBond)

Boomtique – Looking for an unforgettable stay? Check out the options here – The Bukuu teardrops get our approval.

Here is a cheeky little taster of what went down in Chapter 7


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