Artist of The Week – Earth Wind & Fire

Artist of The Week – Earth Wind & Fire

Being We Are Kings’s Artist Of The Week isn’t just for new artists, but also for established artists, and this week’s artist is definitely what you may call established.

Earth Wind & Fire, established in the early 70s in Chicago by Maurice White and welcomed members Philip Bailey, Verdine White Ralph Johson, Lary Dunn, Al McKay and Andrew Woolfolk.

Over the years the band have received outstanding numbers of awards and accolades, setting them apart from the rest and placing them as one of the most influential groups of their time, playing genres like R&B, soul, funk, jazz, pop, psychedelic soul and not forgetting disco.

With their strong sound of horns and funky baselines their songs such as September and the classic Boogie Wonderland, it’s no wonder we hear these riffs through to today through samples and inspired modern takes.

A name that’ll appear to all ages, this band live is something that shouldn’t be missed, and one festival that’ll grant you this experience is Manchester’s Parklife. So get your tickets here and get ready to witness history makers showing everyone how it should be done.


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