Our Artist Of The Week – Metronomy

Our Artist Of The Week – Metronomy
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Mercury award winners Metronomy have been around for quiet some time, originating in 1999 in fact, which makes us bow our heads in shame as we were late discoverers, only first coming to our attention when we first heard Erol Alkan’s remix of ‘The Bay’.

Hearing Metronomy for the first time through an Erol remix, we quickly rushed to see what the original version sounded like and were instantly hooked on their album, ‘The English Riviera’, a blend of soothing tracks using warm synths and sea side inspired organs to recreate that summer evening feeling, fuzed perfectly with male and female vocals it’s an album that we’ll never tire of.

What started out as a bedroom project by Joseph Mount whilst living at his parent’s house became a reality after graduating where he developed an interested in music production and then began getting involved with electronic music nights. Nowadays the electronic music groups d currently consists of Joseph Mount, Oscar Cash, Anna Prior and Gbenga Adelekan.

Headlining Festival No. 6 this year, they’re definitely worth seeing, and with that fantastic North Wales / Italian backdrop in the warm September evening there isn’t a more perfect place to experience their music live.

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