Our Artist Of The Week – Ben Caplan

Our Artist Of The Week – Ben Caplan
Ben Caplan

We love music, it’s a given that as festival lovers we do, after all, it’s music that brings people together. So what better way to share our love of music than to share who we believe to be our ‘artist of the week’.

First to be featured on the virtual and bare walls of our hall of fame is Canadian folk music artist Ben Caplan, who’s often found to be performing with his band ‘The Casual Smokers’. What started as writing music with friends at the age of 13 developed into Ben becoming an independent artist at 19. With his soft and aged tones, Ben’s voice may strike you as someone who should be a wise traveller, who tales of his encounters as you’re sat around a camp fire, this helps bring his songs and lyrics to life through.

He first caught our eyes on his Cardinal Sessions video of ‘Birds With Broken Wings’, where his voice has that extraordinary rasp and quality tone both in the mid and high ranges, and the passion for his song is apparent in each strum of the guitar which keeps you hooked on every word, not to mention is chord bending which some comments left on the video speak of wizardry.

We hope Ben is invited to next year’s UK festivals where we can all gather around him and listen to his tales.



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