Ones to watch – Mighty Oaks

Ones to watch – Mighty Oaks
Mighty Oaks

Made up of a multinational trio of brilliant performers, our Ones To Watch – Mighty Oaks consist of US’ Ian Hooper, Italy’s Claudio Donzelli and UK’s Craig Saunders, who’s voices blend together as if they were always destined to meet and collaborate. Despite forming in 2010 we constantly surprised by the lack of exposure at this year’s UK music festivals, however we predict them to be appearing in most events next year.

Their folk inspired songs combined with the soft, melting tones of Ian’s voice, elevate their 2014 album ‘Howl’ to the category of albums that will never tire and will be a timeless classic that’ll be found in your collection years from now and still sound as good as the day you first heard it. With songs such ‘Seven Days’ which have that rhythmic pace that is unavoidable of foot tapping and head nodding, and ‘Back To You’ which is reminiscent of James Vincent McMorrow and Of Monsters And Men which tells a story through melody, pace and composition build up.

But it’s their talent of playing live and unplugged that we’re really hooked on. Unusual to say when it should be naturally accepted that musicians, artists and song writers should possess this ability, but in the days of over production it’s a quality that leaves us in awe. Listen to this beautiful rendition of their EP song ‘The Great Northwest’ captured by Cardinal Sessions at Appletree Garden and I’m sure you’ll agree with us.


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